ThirdEye partners with digital companies with innovative business models to deliver the next digital solution. With capabilities in multiple digital platforms across mobile application development, content management, and interactive experiences, we have partnered with startups to deliver next generation digital experiences.

At ThirdEye, our team believes that digital technologies should create value in customer touchpoints. Digital solutions are, therefore, as much about transforming the customer experience as they are about implementing the latest technology framework. When implementing digital solutions, our team comprises of UX specialists, business analysts, programmers, and QA engineers to ensure that unarticulated needs of the user experience are addressed holistically.

Recent Case Study

Third Eye Team Successfully Delivers Remote Heath Monitoring System

With the increase focus on monitoring patient health in a non clinical setting our team has integrated the EMR system with vital signs monitors from multiple vendors. This provides the practices and care givers with the capability to receive real time alerts, analyze health data and decide on the treatment plan.

Brand equity for a leading fintech company

A leading European fintech company services provider approached Third Eye for upgrading their existing corporate website. As a first step Third Eye did a detailed survey by surveying more than 50 executives. We noticed that each geography had its own branding strategy and systems. To streamline the process Third Eye focused on providing a unified and consistent design across the corporate website and regional portals. We also migrated the sites to a common CMS and CDN.

Today the customer’s online identity presents a unified view to its customers apart from ease of maintenance and speed of rendering.

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