ThirdEye partners with digital companies with innovative business models to deliver the next digital solution. With capabilities in multiple digital platforms across mobile application development, content management, and interactive experiences, we have partnered with startups to deliver next generation digital experiences.

At ThirdEye, our team believes that digital technologies should create value in customer touchpoints. Digital solutions are, therefore, as much about transforming the customer experience as they are about implementing the latest technology framework. When implementing digital solutions, our team comprises of UX specialists, business analysts, programmers, and QA engineers to ensure that unarticulated needs of the user experience are addressed holistically.

Recent Case Study

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals

While working as a technology partner for a Healthcare Practice Management and EMR solution providers, Third Eye team noticed that practitioners were increasingly finding it difficult to manage their schedule and have access to patient health information. To address this problem, we have deployed a mobile application that helps doctors stay better connected with their patients and offices

Mobile Application for Field Staff

Field staff like service technicians, constantly need access to information and have to stay connected with their team. This helps them in better planning their day and improve productivity. Third Eye has deployed ios and Android based solutions that provide field staff with real time connectivity to enterprise applications. Some of the other features include prioritization of tickets based on the severity of an issue, google map integration, and skills sets mapping that help in faster resolution of service tickets.

To know more about this solution, please email us at info@thirdeyeinc.com

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