Perfecting Food Safety

Combining the power of our own Internet of Things Platform with BlockChain, we solve a common yet important agricultural problem

A food management solution that focuses on consistent food quality, reduced waste, and improved food safety

Food Related Facts
Infected with food

48 Million Americans get sick

Food caused deaths

3000 of those die

Food wastage

From farm to fork

Solution Benefits

  • 01.
    Quality Issues
    From the farmers to the consumers, everyone will be able to get authentic data about the quality of the food. Issues like Food recalls can be minimized.
  • 02.
    Content & Provenance
    Not only will the individual ingredients will be accurately tracked and reported, but also their source will be transparent, allowing to pinpoint any issues at an ingredient level.
  • 03.
    Supply Chain & Logistics
    Real time visibility into shelf life of produce coupled with the ability to accurately perform forecasting will reduce waste, pricing confusions. The ecosystem will be able to work seamlessly with more trust.
  • 04.
    Storage & Handling
    Handling of food becomes better with understanding of the source of the ingredients and accuracy of shelf lives. Further, inventory management between warehouses and stores get automated.

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