Top Challenges

Siloed Data
High Cost
Accessibility Issues

The Challenge definition

A usable, highly integral record controlled by the patient regardless of healthcare domains & systems at an affordable yet secured mechanism

Integration Needs
Data Security
Data Reliability
Data Ownership

Our Solution Advantages

Our BlockChain solution provides a reliable mechanism to exchange information and track changes across multiple and varied systems. In essence, it provides a highly secure & integral way to knowing the contents, the address and the real time changes to the data

Trust in a democratic way

All participants will have access to the distributed ledger to have secured exchange, thereby not requiring any brokered trust in the form of HIE operator

Transaction Costs

With the elimination of an intermediary coupled with the ability of real time data exchange and processing, systems will become more efficient, thereby reducing the transaction costs

Master Patient Index

Method of Private and Public digital identities secured through cryptography, creates a singular and a secure method of protecting patient identity, eliminating the current issues of synchronizing multiple patient identifiers, along the way

Data Standards

Data updates happen real time and to the distributed ledgers simultaneously, eliminating the issues of Interaoperability across varied systems


Secure and distributed access which is controlled by the patient and can be real time allowed or invoked based on need

Rules Engines

Smart Contracts create an automated mechanism to run the processes. Not only this allows for data exchanges, but also minimize fraud and revenue leakages across the complete lifecycle

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